Recurring donation updates, donation import history and more views with search!

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Shared by Flore • January 20, 2023

This update was published on February 14, 2022

We've updated how we categorize recurring donations for NationBuilder Payments:

  • When recurring donations start to fail, you can find them by selecting "failing" from the Recurring donation status filter in both the People and Finances sections.
  • Once a recurring donation is canceled due to too many consecutive failures, we update the status to "failed". Going forward, only manually canceled recurring donations will have the "canceled" status.
  • Donation imports are now paginated so that you can see all the historical ones!

  • We fixed a bug where the wrong broadcaster could be attributed to an email contact if you had multiple broadcasters with the same email address.
  • Enterprise and Architect plans now get 50 permission sets.
  • You can now search both precincts and saved filters. Saved filters are paginated now too!