UX bug fixes, permission and liquid support updates

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Shared by Flore • January 20, 2023

This update was published on March 14, 2022

  • We added validation for invalid start date entered on user-submitted events
  • Added liquid validation and improved support for liquid conditionals in membership autoresponses. They now support number of comparisons such as recipient.age > 25
  • Control Panel Users are now redirected into the control panel instead of to the public site after they activate their account. Previously, this did not work for customers who didn't use a custom domain.
  • Control Panel Users can now only view the survey responses of the people they have permission to view.
  • Donation totals on the Groups page can now only be viewed by Control Panel Users who have access to finances.
  • Previously, tags were removed from profiles if a public site user who wasn't logged in filled out a form with their existing email addresses and left all tag checkboxes blank. This has been fixed!
  • We fixed a UX bug on the pdf download of an event rsvps. The header was overlapping the data on multi-page reports.
  • We fixed the browser caching bug that caused Control Panel Users to see outdated info in endorsement CSV downloads.