Calendar search, donation imports, youtube embeds and other improvements

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Shared by Flore • January 20, 2023

This update was published on March 28, 2022

  • Calendar pages’ search by proximity feature has been improved! Before, when you ran a search for a zipcode within a certain distance, the page would immediately reset and default back to a 25mi radius (even when the search had run properly). Now, the search attempt is stored and saved appropriately.
  • We fixed a bug in donation imports that could overwrite an existing payment type and prevent donations from being tracked
  • Dates in donation imports will now reflect the current timezone of the nation instead of UTC
  • We fixed a bug preventing page slugs starting with admin from resolving
  • YouTube embeds now use the title of the video as the title attribute in the HTML - this is more screen-reader friendly
  • We added pagination to the payment processor page