We created a new button type!

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Shared by Flore • March 30, 2023

Are you using the ActionButton add-on? Supercharge your nation with easy-to-share quizzes, polls, petitions, and more. The latest exciting addition to our ActionButton add-on, the Custom Email Target Button, is now available! 🎉

With this new button, you can mobilize your supporters to email a specific decision-maker, regardless of their geolocation. Identify a target that has a publicly available email address and simply enter it into the settings of the button, upload their photo, and encourage your audience to send them a message!

Whether you need to target a company, an institution, or a local representative, this new button can help! Visit our blog to see examples of use for this new button.

The Custom Email Target button is included in ActionButton plans that have access to legislative advocacy features (Paid plan & Plus plan).