We're improving our texting feature

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Shared by Lauren • November 07, 2023

We're working on improving our texting features! Today, we’re releasing two updates 🎉

🔗 Link shortening

We’ve created a new tool that allows you to shorten your URLs in just a few clicks while crafting your text blast. This will help you save characters and squeeze in more information so they can drive even more action.

📱10DLC registration for better deliverability (US recipients only)

The Campaign Registry is introducing a registration process called A2P 10DLC. Registering your organization will not only increase the rate at which your text messages are delivered but will also protect your text delivery to make sure your messages continue to reach your intended audiences. The monthly rate is $5 for low-volume senders and $16 for high-volume senders. Standard customers can now easily get registered in their control panel, on the ‘Add-ons’ page.