More ActionButton updates ⚡

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Shared by Flore • December 21, 2023
  • It’s now possible to edit the success screen title and content for all button types and you can hyperlink the text!
  • If you're using the ActionButton add-on, the address field now syncs with NationBuilder for Petition, Opinion, and Contact Your Lawmaker buttons.
  • You can now customize the tags that are applied to profiles coming from ActionButton into your nation.
  • You can now assign a point point person to supporters who take action on a button.

New lawmakers added, individual emails sent, integration enhancements

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Shared by Sean • November 24, 2023

We've made some improvements to ActionButton

  • Members of devolved parliaments in the UK can now be contacted with the Contact Your Lawmaker button.
  • All lawmakers contacted now receive distinct emails. We used to send one email that contained all lawmakers' names in the salutations (ie “Dear Senator Padilla and Congresswoman Eshoo”).
  • We improved the integration between ActionButton and NationBuilder: petition and opinion actions can be added as the source of an automation, and opinion data is now synced.

We're improving our texting feature

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Shared by Lauren • November 07, 2023

We're working on improving our texting features! Today, we’re releasing two updates 🎉

🔗 Link shortening

We’ve created a new tool that allows you to shorten your URLs in just a few clicks while crafting your text blast. This will help you save characters and squeeze in more information so they can drive even more action.

📱10DLC registration for better deliverability (US recipients only)

The Campaign Registry is introducing a registration process called A2P 10DLC. Registering your organization will not only increase the rate at which your text messages are delivered but will also protect your text delivery to make sure your messages continue to reach your intended audiences. The monthly rate is $5 for low-volume senders and $16 for high-volume senders. Standard customers can now easily get registered in their control panel, on the ‘Add-ons’ page.

Making the tools of advocacy available to everyone ⚡

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Shared by Flore • October 24, 2023

ActionButton Plus is now included in our Founding Leader and Pro plans at no extra cost!

Utilize ActionButton to strengthen your advocacy strategy, taking advantage of features like:

  • Contact Your Lawmakers button for US, UK, and Canadian legislators
  • Custom Email Target button to email any kind of decision maker
  • Polls, quizzes, opinions and more, to gain insights from your community and engage your supporters
  • Robust NationBuilder integration, including email automations and tagging based on actions taken

Feature update: Target multiple recipients with the Custom Email Target button 💌 (included with Pro plan)

Advocacy work often implies engaging specific groups of decision-makers to advance your cause. Whether you're targeting committees, boards, or any type of influential group, with this update you can now enter up to eight email recipients, ensuring your message reaches the right people. Read our documentation.

Feature update: Advocacy landing page 💻 (included with all plans)

Create stunning landing pages for your buttons and easily share them on social media or via email. They’re extremely easy to set up:

  • Create a basic page on a website using the Momentum stock theme
  • Paste your button URL in the body of the page
  • That’s it!

New features for enhanced SMS insights and segmentation

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Shared by Sean • September 25, 2023

🔗 Trackable links

We recently released a tool that allows you to shorten URLs and optimize your text blast by saving characters. The shortened links are trackable, and you can now see exactly how many people clicked in the email blast overview of your broadcaster.

🔍 New filters

We’ve added 2 new filters to the people section to help you make data-driven decisions and take action. You can now filter for:

  • Sent - people who have been sent one or more specific text blasts
  • Clicked - text blast recipients who have clicked a shortened link in one or more specific text blasts

The email Theme step has moved!

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Shared by Sally • September 11, 2023

The theme step is now the first step in creating a new email blast! Why do this?

  • To provide a user experience that better supports the user’s intuitive decision-making process, starting with “What kind of email blast do I want to send? Do I want to clone a previous email blast?”
  • When cloning a previous email blast, the user no longer has to click through the Theme step.
  • No more wasted time on filling out the entire Settings form before encountering the Clone option at the bottom.
  • No more confusing warning modal when changing themes on a brand new email blast.

More targeting options with ActionButton, 1-1 email behavior change, and bug fixes

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Shared by Sean • August 23, 2023

🌟 ActionButton

  • Several customers have wanted a way to target state senators and state representatives separately - now they can!

✉️ Email

  • When sending a 1:1 email and ccing someone, the behavior used to be that these cc recipients were automatically cced in any email created later. We’ve changed that so they are no longer added to new emails.

😊 People

  • Some tags didn’t populate as a recipient option in broadcasters for texting, this has been fixed!
    We added status_reason as a membership liquid drop

💸 Finances

  • You used to be able to change the payment type for a credit card through an import and break all the transactions. This is no longer possible!
Feature update

Unleash your creativity with the new email builder!

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Shared by Flore • August 03, 2023

We have some exciting news that will transform the way you create and send emails for your organization! Introducing the brand-new drag-and-drop email builder, designed specifically with non-technical users in mind.

Say hello to a user-friendly experience that will make your email communications a breeze:

  • Use stock themes or start from scratch: Choose our new professionally designed stock themes that instantly give your emails a polished look. Alternatively, if you prefer a unique touch, start from scratch and let your creativity shine.
  • Effortless Drag-and-Drop: Our intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities make it a breeze to compose your emails. Simply select the elements you want to include and drop them into place.
  • Personalize with ease: Making your emails reflect your brand has never been easier. Customize your colors, header, and footer in just a few clicks and match your organization's visual identity.
  • Team efficiency and consistency: Save your custom themes and make them available for your team to use later. This ensures that your branding remains consistent across all your communications, saving you time and effort.

Visit the email theme gallery or create your own

Easier asks for donation amount increase & automation filter bug fix

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Shared by Lauren • May 22, 2023

✉️ Email

  • We simplified the code required to ask recurring donors to increase their regular gift amounts. This allows emailing donors with an ask to increase their monthly or annual donation amount by a dynamic percentage with far less liquid. Read our documentation for Instructions.

🤖 Automations

  • We fixed a bug with automations filters in the People section that could not be grouped together with other filter criteria.

Custom theme previews and autodistricting updates

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Shared by Amy • April 03, 2023

✉️ Email

Are you using custom themes? We added thumbnails for custom theme previews in the email editor.

😊 People

We added autodistricting for Austria 🇦🇹. It means that profiles with a primary address in Austria will automatically be assigned to their electoral districts.